Concord family looks for son's missing therapy dog

A Concord family is pleading for the public's help to find their special therapy dog. The English Springer Spaniel provides healing to their 11-year-old son but went missing last weekend.
11-year-old Carson Bates is heartbroken now that a big part of his heart is missing, his dog Finn. The two are inseparable, together for the past five years. Finn is Carson’s therapy dog.

“He’s like my brother to me,” said Carson Bates. “He's like my best friend. He's like my bestest brother. I don't know anyone better than him I can talk to.”

Carson was originally meant to be a twin. He lost his twin in the womb. When Carson was two years old, he was diagnosed with an emotional separation deficiency called “Vanishing Twin Syndrome.” A child psychologist recommended a therapy dog to fill the void.

“Being able to have the 100 percent loyal dog just did that it made him whole again,” said Carson’s Mother Shana Bates.

Last Saturday morning, the family made an unexpected trip out of town. Gone for less than 24 hours, they came home and discovered the 72 pound dog pushed open the side gate. They said it’s unusual but the dog may have been anxious since they were gone longer than normal.

“When he had gotten out the gate, it pushed forward and he couldn't get back in,” said Shana Bates.

Since then, there have been two sightings. A neighbor said he saw Finn playing in the front yard Sunday morning. Another neighbor claims he saw Finn on nearby Pine Hollow Road.

Finn sports a red collar and he's chipped but the family fears the chip may have moved. They’ve searched emergency shelters but no sign of Finn.

“Because he is such an amazing dog that someone may have him,” said Shana Bates. “That would be a best worst case scenario because hopefully they would be taking care of him.”

Their hope is someone has spotted the black and white Springer Spaniel.  All they want is to bring 11-year old Carson’s loyal companion home.

“If anyone has them at your house can you please give me back my dog,” said Carson Bates. “I really miss him. I can't think without him.”

The family said they would be grateful if anyone has seen Finn or has him to report it to the Martinez Animal Shelter, no questions asked.