Crash in San Diego leaves four dead

A deadly crash occurred yesterday in San Diego, killing four people and injuring at least eight others.

It happened on a ramp from Interstate Five to the Coronado Bridge. 

Police now say a member of the U.S. Navy was behind the wheel of a pick-up truck that flew off of the bridge into a crowded park below.

Four people were killed and at least eight others were injured when the truck landed on a vendor's booth. 

An outdoor festival was underway at the park at the time of the accident.

One witness says, "All we heard was a skid, a bang, and the vehicle wen airborne, he flipped, like, two or three times, he landed topside on the canopy tent for the wagon wheel, and my girlfriend Teresa was seen next to me and she ran. Everyone came together as one and lifted the vehicle up and over."

Authorities say the 25-year-old driver Richard Sepolio suffered major injuries and was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Police say he was stationed at the naval  base on Coronado Island, just outside of San Diego.