Crews continue to battle flare up of Wragg Fire

SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KTVU) – Crews are continuing to battle the Wragg Fire near Lake Berryessa Wednesday.

The fire, which started last week, had flared up again Tuesday afternoon.

Firefighters worked throughout the day amid conditions of high temperatures and low humidity - which is not a good combination for fighting a wildfire.

Martin and Kristi Mercado watched the fire from their backyard. Their mailbox was tagged Wednesday afternoon in the evacuation zone.

The couple said they hope Cal Fire is able to keep the fire up on the ridge, but they’re focusing on what really matters – friends and family.

"I just took out my suitcases but I’m putting my suitcases back in now I guess. (The) car is a mess but we just packed up random stuff, so legal documents and clothes," said Kristi.

Other residents in the area have animals ready to transport if needed.

Two outbuildings have burned. There were three other outbuildings and one home damaged by flames.

As of Wednesday afternoon the fire had burned 7,100 acres and was 80 percent contained.