Danville girl starts ‘The Gift of Being Grateful’ to spread positivity

During these tough times it can be hard to be positive. One Danville girl recognized that and decided to take her love for art and her family’s teachings about gratitude and turn it into a business.

At just 10 years old, Cienna Lazarus started her own business called “The Gift of Being Grateful” where she paints and sells gratitude boxes.

The idea behind it is this; every night before bed you write down one thing you’re grateful for and put it in the box. Eventually the box will fill up, “Every single night you watch it grow and realize what a great life you have,” said Cienna.

Cienna’s mom, Natalia said before she launched her business their family wanted Cienna to do research and create a business plan, so she did. Cienna takes orders, paints the boxes with the customer’s specific design request and ships them off.

Each box is $20 and Cienna donates 10% to Oceana, an ocean conservation organization. She chose Oceana because Cienna loves the ocean and said she wants it to be beautiful and clean for when she has children of her own.

“I’m very proud of her. Cienna is a very thoughtful and creative girl and this whole thing is her idea she really took everything under her own wing,” said her mom Natalia.

The boxes are a simple but powerful way to put life into perspective, “The universe will notice you aren’t taking granted all the things that you have and will keep blessing you with more,” said Cienna.

If you’re interested in supporting her business you can send her an email with your request to TheGiftofBeingGrateful@gmail.com, or visit her Etsy shop.