Daytime adventure to Mount Diablo offers some of the best panoramic views

In terms of gas tank getaways, Mt. Diablo is an awesome place to visit. The south gate in Danville is just one spot where you can start your trek up the mountain. 

Part of the experience of Mt. Diablo is the drive up. It winds and turns and you'll want to take your time. Keep in mind, you will also be sharing the road.

Supervising Ranger and state park peace officer Cameron Morrison said, "easily on the weekend we will have five to 600 cars and just almost an equal number of bicyclists on the road."

And for some, it's more than a round trip.

"There are some people on the weekends that will ride the mountain three times up and down," Morrison said.

You don't have to drive you could hike, but Morrison said you should be prepared.

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"It's going to be about a 14-mile hike, so you've got about 3300 feet in elevation. You're looking at seven miles and 3,300 feet just to get up to the top. It's pretty strenuous," he said.

If that sounds like too much, don't worry, there is a lot of sun on Mt Diablo. But one place that offers shade is really one of the special spots called Rock City.

Rock City is the home of wind caves carved out by water, wind, and time. 

So if you want to just hike around, be sure to take a look at the wind caves as there's plenty to see. However, if you want to take a closer look you wouldn't be the first.

There are steps and grooves and these allow you to step up, and climb up, and climb in. The reward is some shade and a spectacular view.

A.J. Moore and Kai Terrell did some exploring and said they found the footholds pretty stable.

It was Moore's first time but he said, "I'd heard stories"

And the beauty of the mountain is that there is always, as they say, something around the corner.

You'll find Sentinel Rock by following the Trail through Time.

The path to the bottom of sentinel rock winds through brush and sandstone. Then you climb again.

It's a steep climb to get on sentinel rock, but there are cables to help you on your way. And once you get to the top you get another spectacular view, so take a minute to enjoy the remarkable treasure.