Zip Trips Trivia: Pittsburg

KTVU reporter Frank Mallicoat talks trivia about the East Bay city and quizzes its residents on how much they know about their home.

Zip Trips: Pittsburg

For the last Zip Trip of the summer, Mornings on 2 takes the show to Pittsburgs. We'll show you one of the historic businesses that's been supplying popular treats to Disneyland and other theme parks as well as introduce you to the East Bay boxing gym that's also a nonprofit.

Zip Trips: Novato

On this Zip Trip, you'll get a taste of this North Bay city's best restaurants and breweries and an inspiring story of empowerment about a non-profit that nurtures children who need a little extra help. Plus, there will be trivia and fun facts about Novato.

Zip Trips: Los Gatos

KTVU visited Los Gato for a summer Zip Trip, and viewers are invited to tag along and explore Santa Clara County's charming town.

Zip Trips: Los Gatos’ Hometown Spotlight

KTVU’s Claudine Wong shines a light on local Los Gatos legend Billy Jones, a train conductor that brought joy to the community throughout the 1900s and whose legend lives on today. In a special addition Claudine highlights other local legends like Mountain Charlie, who lost an eye to a bear, and The Boys, the first openly gay common law-married couple in the country.

Zip Trips Trivia: Los Gatos

KTVU’s Frank Mallicoat chats with Los Gatos residents and tests their knowledge on the South Bay town. The answers are hilarious at times.

Zip Trips: New Museum Los Gatos

KTVU’s Claudine Wong chats with Kimberly Snyder, executive director of the New Museum Los Gatos, about the art and history of the South Bay town.