Daytona police continue search for person of interest in murder of couple

Daytona Beach police continue to search for a person of interest in the case of a double murder during Bike Week festivities.

As Daytona Beach police officers look for the killer in the murders of Terry and Brenda Aultman, Mayor Derrick Henry is trying to keep residents calm. 

"I want the residents to know there’s a heightened awareness, increased security in your community." 

For neighbors like Susan Park it’s concerning.


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"This is very disturbing because I don’t want to lose that quality of life of being able to walk around my own neighborhood without the fear of being attacked."

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Police say the couple was heading home from Bike Week early Sunday morning when someone slashed their throats. Their bicycles were located next to their bodies, near Wild Olive Avenue and Riverview Blvd. 

Mayor Henry says, "It’s our hope that the suspect will be apprehended quickly and that our residents will be able to execute their lives with the same peace and calmness that they’ve had."


While the meeting between residents and city officials was closed, neighbors say they’re working together to find this person of interest. Resident Tracy Remark, helped start the Neighborhood Watch. 

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"Some neighbors that also had video of this gentleman that had broken into their home not too long ago." 

But what happened to this happily married couple remains a mystery. Neighbors tell us investigators are working hard to track down this person of interest, wearing white pants, brown boots, a scarf, red gloves, and a black hat. 

Remark says, "They have seen him here for a while. So they are thinking that as more information continues to come in they’re hoping to have him in custody by this weekend."

Brenda Aultman’s daughter Sara created a GoFundMe account to help with funeral expenses

Anyone with information about the double murder should call the Daytona Beach Police Department at 386=671-5257.

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