De La Salle High School teacher apologizes for using racial slur in class

A teacher at Concord's De La Salle High School is apologizing for using a racial slur in class. The mother of one of his students says it's time the school provided sensitivity training. 

School officials said the racial slur was said during a conversation around hateful language. The mom, who only gave the name Mika and asked that we hide her face on camera for fear of retaliation against her son, said the teacher could have made his point just by saying 'N-word' and not saying the actual racist word. 

She recalls the conversation she had with her son earlier this week after the teacher used the slur. 

"He said, 'Hey mom, my teacher used stupid [the actual expletive for n-word] in the class today,'" Mika said. 

She said she was shocked and surprised.

Mika asked her son what led to the conversation. He told her a student used a derogatory word for people with physical and mental disabilities. That's what led the teacher to interject. Making the point that using the derogatory word is not appropriate, he said it was the equivalent of a Black person being called a "stupid [expletive for n-word]." 

Mika and the teacher met on Friday over the incident. He told her he uses the full N-word and that it's more effective. He apologized, but also told her another shocking revelation. 

"He was in tears, very choked up," said Mika. "Very sorry for what he did and I do genuinely believe that he was. However, one thing that he mentioned is that he uses that analogy every year."

Mika said she doesn't want her son's favorite teacher to lose his job. However, she wants the school to do better in training their staff to deal with people of color. 

School officials declined a request for an interview. However, they did release a statement. 

"The word was used in a conversation around hateful language that was part of a broader educational moment, meant specifically to underscore how hurtful and damaging language slurs are. It was not directed at any person. The word choice was clearly regrettable and in no way reflects our Christian Brothers Principles," the statement read. 

"It should have started off admitting that we made a huge mistake. These words were said. We deeply regret it and we apologize," Mika said. 

School officials wouldn't comment on what, if any, action was taken against the teacher. But did say they handled the situation.