Desperate woman calls fire department after losing key to chastity belt

An Italian woman placed an embarrassing call to her local fire department after losing the key to her iron chastity belt, The Telegraph reports. The woman, whose identity has not been released according to Italian law, contacted the Padua fire station last Wednesday, saying she needed help opening a padlock.

Firefighters initially thought she was locked out of her home, and began asking her where she lived, the media outlet adds. To their surprise, the woman then pulled up her jumper to reveal the chastity belt, explaining she’d misplaced the critical key, according to the Telegraph.

The firefighters managed to break the iron lock before opening an investigation into whether the woman had been forced to wear the belt by someone else as an act of domestic violence, local newspaper Il Mattino di Padova reports, the Telegraph adds.

The woman explained she had voluntarily chosen to don the belt in order to prevent herself from entering into a sexual relationship.

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