Despite loss, 49ers distribute 71,000 tickets; most ever for home game at Levi's Stadium

It was a huge matchup at Levi’s Stadium Monday night. The 49ers looked to maintain their winning streak against the second best team in the NFC division, long-time rivals Seattle Seahawks. Monday’s night’s game in Santa Clara was sold out.

The 49ers played under the glare of Monday Night Football. Fireworks lit up Levi’s Stadium for one of the biggest games in the stadium's history.

“This is the epitome of all the games, it's a big one,” said Willie Danz of San Rafael.

Some 70,000 fans were on hand to watch. The 49ers went into the game with the best record in the NFL undefeated. Many fans said it's the first time in a long time the team has been this good reminiscent of the good ol' days.

“This season is very similar like when Joe Montana threw the catch but it's like pre-warming up to that,” said Antonio Arevalo of San Francisco. “I just believe this is Levi's moment.”

On Veteran’s Day, it's the first 49er game for John Harmon, a Vietnam War veteran who flew from Texas.

“I’ve never been to one before,” said Harmon. “I’ve been a 49er fan since I was nine years old since Y.A. Tittle.”

The rivarly with the Seahawks is one of the fiercest and best in the league. Seattle Seahawks fans are surprised with how well the Niners are playing this year.

“You got Jimmy from the Patriots right so Brady must have taught him well,” said Jim Purdie of Toronto.

“It’s the defense and I believe Kyle Shanahan has come in with a beautiful offensive scheme,” said Antonio Arevalo of San Francisco. “He is the smartest guy in the NFL. John Lynch plugged in some key players.”

So how far will the team go this season? Niner faithful said this year could be the year.

“As Jerry Rice said the other day we are going to go all the way to the Superbowl and I thought good for you Jerry, we are with you,” said Bobbi Danz of San Rafael.