Disabled San Jose man receives early Christmas present from Campbell police officer

A San Jose man received an early Christmas present Thursday from the Campbell Police Department.

The surprise came about after a friendship formed between Campbell police officer Spencer Billman and Gregg Hasty.

"Gregg is enthused about everything in life and he's just the epitome of what it means to experience life in its fullest," said Billman.

The two met earlier this year inside the Peet's coffee shop at The Pruneyard in Campbell. Officer Billman, who was on a coffee run, struck up a conversation with Hasty who was in line with his dad, Matt Hasty.

"At the time, Gregg was wearing his San Francisco Police Department hat. Officer Billman said, 'Why don't you come down to the Campbell Police Department and we'll set you up with a Campbell Police Department hat?' So that's the way it started," said Hasty. 

Officer Billman didn't know Gregg Hasty, who is 27 years old, legally blind and developmentally disabled, had always had a love of law enforcement.

Since that first meeting, Hasty has since been invited to tour the police station and now proudly wears a Campbell Police hat.

Thursday, on a cold December morning, Billman had a new surprise for Hasty. Campbell Police offered him the rare opportunity to ride in their 1956 Ford, vintage-style police car. From the look on his face, to the old-fashioned siren and ride through downtown, his family says this is a day they will never forget.

"For Gregg, he remembers things so well. Every time he sees an infraction on the street he calls for Officer Billman," said Matt Hasty.

"I knew it wasn't a one-time chance meeting. It was meant to be for us to meet each other and become friends," said Billman. 

At one point, Gregg Hasty told the officers, "I want to be one of you guys."
Campbell Police Captain Joe Cefalu replied, "You already are."