Driver mows down teens in Burlingame he suspected put dog poop in car

An 18-year-old is accused of intentionally running over a group of middle school students with his SUV in Burlingame, leaving two teens with major injuries.

Investigators said the suspect, Omeed Adibi, thought the four boys tampered with his Mercedes SUV after he made a smelly discovery. 

"It was actually later determined to be dog feces, said Burlingame Police Lieutenant Laura Terada. 

Authorities said Adibi found the animal waste in his car on Saturday afternoon and went looking for the culprits.

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"He though his vehicle had been tampered with and he was out looking for the people who had tampered with his vehicle," Terada said. 

Police said the suspect saw a group of boys, all between the ages of 12 and 13, walking near Howard and Clarendon and aimed his SUV straight at them. 

"Went over the curb on the north sidewalk and struck the four pedestrians," the police lieutenant said. 

The boys who were hit had nothing to do with the dog feces. 

"Completely innocent victims just walking on the sidewalk trying to go to the park, Terada said. 

The victims are all students at Borel Middle School in San Mateo. 

Three of them remain hospitalized, including one with life-threatening injuries. The fourth victim was released from the hospital. 

Police said it turns out, the suspect's friends were responsible for tossing the dog waste in the SUV, adding that Adibi didn't seem remorseful. 

"He was a little bit nonchalant about the entire incident," Terada said. 

Adibi stopped several blocks from the crash after he sheared off a fire hydrant and it became stuck under his SUV.