Drug 'super lab' disguised as pizza shop busted by LAPD

Something was definitely cooking here - but it wasn't your typical pepperoni pizza.

What appeared to be a typical pizza shop was actually operating as a drug "super lab" where illegal THC concentrate was made, according to the LAPD.

Officers raided the lab located next to an animal hospital in the 7300 block of Radford Avenue in Los Angeles' North Hollywood neighborhood.

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Photo: LAPD

Photos released by the police department show an officer standing beside giant vats that were used to cook the suspected THC honey oil. 

Other photos show plastic trays of oil stacked on kitchen racks typically used for food, like pizza. 

Officers are seen searching through "hot and ready" cardboard pizza boxes.

"We’ve heard of secret ingredients, but this takes the pie! It seems like criminals are getting more creative by the day," LAPD said.

"From faux vending machines to pizza-making trickery, we are well aware of these sneaky things, keeping our city safe one clever bust at a time. This super ‘pizza’ lab won’t be making any more deliveries!"

It's unclear if any arrests were made.