El Chapo's shirt becomes hot fashion item

Word of "El Chapo" Guzman's capture last Friday made headlines around the globe, but the former fugitive is now making news for his fashion style.

The shirt the Mexican drug lord was wearing during his interview with actor Sean Penn has apparently become a hot item.

The colorful patterned silk shirts are from a store in Los Angeles, called Barabas.

The company is now using El Chapo's photo on its website, next to models wearing the shirts.

Sales for the $128 shirts are said to be skyrocketing.

Penn conducted his interview with El Chapo for Rolling Stone, back in October when the drug lord was still a wanted fugitive.

Mexican authorities recaptured El Chapo in a raid on Friday outside a central neighborhood of the Pacific coast city of Los Mochis.

His capture ended a six month manhunt following his brazen escape from the same maximum security prison where he now sits.