Elderly Couple Gifted New Puppy After Tragic Loss

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MIAMI, FL- An elderly couple in Miami sheds tears of joy, after receiving a little Chihuahua, just days after their first dog was killed.

Ada Rojas holds the shivering, nine-week-old puppy in her arms, as she gets ready to present her elderly parents with the newest member of their family.

 The Rojas' three-year old Chihuahua, Gucci, was killed by a pair of bulldogs last week.

 The couple even suffered injuries of their own while trying to stop the attack.

 The pair was devastated and saddened beyond belief.

 A family friend heard what happened and threw down the money for the Rojas to get a new dog.

 83-year-old Miguel couldn't stop crying, when he held the new puppy in his arms.

 Daughter Ada says forget the Powerball jackpot, they've already won big.

"I am numb with happiness and I am numb with pai.n They are family. They are not animals. They are part of a family. If someone came and offered me a million dollars, I don't want it. We don't want the $700 million lottery. We don't want it. We just received, this is what we want. This is unconditional love. This is therapeutic for my parents. I don't want any money. What's going on right now, to me, I am already a winner," Ada said.

The store that sold the puppy gave the Rojas' family friend 50% off, when she they what happened.