Election officials expect up to 85% voter turnout in San Jose

For the first time, volunteers will be working 24/7 to process ballots before Election Day, as a last minute rush of early voters cast their ballots Monday. The line to vote at the Registrar's Office was long and at times out the door.

"There's a lot of issues that need to be solved," said Bill Dempster of San Jose. "I don't usually vote in a major election but this time I’m going to be voting."

Gloria Chacon and her friend proudly showed off their "I Voted" stickers. It was her friend's first presidential election after becoming a citizen last year.

"This is a very momentous occasion for her and a big day," said Chacon. "She's terribly excited"

"Turnout so far for the November election looks like it's going to be at least four times the early voting turnout we had in June," said Philip Chantri of the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voter's Office.

The Registrar's Office said 330,000 people in Santa Clara County have already voted, which is 45 percent of the mail-in ballots that were issued. Voters are not only voting for president, but in Santa Clara County, they will decide on the the highly contentious 17th district Congressional race and several key measures that address affordable housing and transportation. We caught up with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo reaching out to voters at the Diridon Station.

"This election more than any in any recent memory will have a significant impact on the future of our region," said Liccardo.

Despite it being such a polarizing election, voters said they are satisfied they voted and fulfilled their civic responsibility.

"I want it to be over but then I'm not sure if i want it to be over depending on the results," said Chacon. "I'm just excited it has brought out so many voters.

On Election Day, there will be 836 polling places open in the county and 5,000 volunteers on hand to work the polls. All the polling places open at 7 a.m.