Emeryville councilman pushes for safety improvements at busy intersection

A man is recovering from his injuries after a truck struck him in a crosswalk at a busy intersection in Emeryville and it was a councilman who rushed to his aid. 

It happened at 45th and Hollis Streets, and though there are four stop signs at the intersection, it can be chaotic at times says councilman John Bauters.

"You will see people not stop. Just roll through the intersection," he said.

James Andereggen, 43, had just gotten off work Monday at nearby Pixar Studios and was trying to catch a bus to bar. 

Anderegeen was crossing Hollis when a truck slammed into him in the crosswalk. 

He fell back on his head. 

Bauters, who was in a car just feet away, saw the man on the ground and ran over to him.  

"He was telling me he was losing feeling in his hands," Bauter said. "So we're holding hands,  I was trying to get him to squeeze my hand." 

Anderegeen's teenage daughter says she's grateful Bauters stopped.

"I'm really thankful he was able to hold my dad's hand and call 911," said Kaylee Anderegeen.

Police say the driver may have been distracted. Drugs or alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash, but officers say the driver may have been distracted. 

Police say he's been cooperative with the investigation. 

But after seeing what happened Bauters intends to ask the city to move more quickly on making safety improvements including a traffic signal and extended sidewalks. Those projects are already planned but are still years away from happening.

"The thing I want to ask the council is why wait," Bauters said. "The developer is going to pay to do this in the next few years but why wait if we are going to do it anyway."

Anderegeen suffered a concussion. His family says he's expected to make a full recovery. 

"I hope this will show people how bad it could have been. And no matter what you are doing, pay attention," Kaylee said.