Emotional game for SJ Spartans after loss of running back Camdan McWright

It was an emotional homecoming game for the San Jose Spartans. Members of the football team on Saturday were mourning one of their own running back Camdan McWright.

McWright was killed while riding an electric scooter last Friday. The 18-year-old freshman was crossing the street near campus to get to practice when he was struck and killed by a school bus.

"I know how tight the team is and I know it was a very tough Friday to hear of his passing here on campus and throughout the Spartan community," said Spartans fan Ron Langley.

At kickoff, teammates formed the number 6 in the center of the field. A tribute video was played, and McWright’s family members were invited on the field.

This was the team’s first game since McWright’s death. 

Gail Carmona’s son Fernando Carmona Jr. plays left tackle for the Spartans, and the players have had the chance to meet with counselors and spend time with coaches to make sure they were ready.

"It’s mixed emotions," said Carmona. "They’re excited for the game. They want to get back into the routine. But there’s just so much heartache."

The team postponed last weekend’s game to give players time to process and mourn McWrights’ death. 

Athletic director Jeff Konya said they are going through the grieving process.  

"His parents spent some time with the team which was awesome for catharsis and an emotional release for the team," said Konya. "And then you have to get ready to play a football game and the homecoming one at that."

Teammates wanted a way to have McWright’s memory with them for this game. They wore T-shirts with his picture on the front and his No. 6 on the back.

In a joint tribute, both the Spartans and the opposing team, the Nevada Wolfpack wore decals with McWright’s initials on their helmets.

"Cam’s going to be here with us and we’re going to carry him forward," said Konya.

Langlais said, "I think the entire collegiate community shares the grief and shares the loss."