Extra security planned for 49ers, Raiders game at Levi's Stadium

Authorities are stepping up security for the Battle of the Bay: The 49ers and Raiders go head to head Thursday evening at Levi's Stadium. This will likely be their last match up before the Raiders leave for Las Vegas. But with a history heated rivalry and fan fighting, officials say they're leaving nothing to chance. 

It's a rivalry with a long and tumultuous track record. So when the 49ers and the Raiders meet Thursday, authorities want to make sure the action stays on the field.

Captain Wahid Kazem with Santa Clara Police says, "We have staffed this game understanding the rivalry, understanding past occurences and really wanting to limit any kind of poor fan behavior."

In fact, the 49ers and Raiders were banned from pre-season match ups following a particularly violent 2011 game during which two men were shot, and another was beaten. The teams have only met once since. But Santa Clara police vow this time will be different.

Kazem says, "Even the fans will be able to see a difference in the stadium."

There will be a dramatic increase in staffing including undercover officers in both teams' jerseys.
They'll be keeping a close eye as fans enter through metal detectors. And of course, Levi's stadium comes equipped with its own jail holding cells in the basement. Then there are the cameras.

Jim Mercurio, VP of stadium operations and GM of Levi's Stadium says, "I can zoom in and see the back of every seat in this facility. I can see everybody that's coming through the gates and when they're leaving the gates. We have cameras in the parking lots. We have body cameras on strategic personnel."

And to make sure fan faces can be seen, no masks will be allowed. That includes the silver and black ones favored by some Raider fans.

Mercurio says, "It's just not knowing somebody's identity or their intentions with a mask on, it's part of a threat assessment and it creates an uneasiness with law enforcement."

Authorities know they can't anticipate everything. But they say most assaults at Levi's have resulted in quick arrests. That includes a beating earlier this month in the parking lot.

Stadium officials started planning for this game back in April. They believe whatever happens, they'll be ready.

Mercurio says, "We welcome you. But don't come down here and cause disruption. You'll be met with resistance for sure."

Despite the fact that both teams have losing records this year, officials are expecting close to 70-thousand people at this game. It gets underway Thursday evening at 5:20.