Family claims SFPD was aware of suspect's mental issues before they shot him

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Minutes before the town hall held by San Francisco police, the brother of Sean Moore had harsh words for police, " He called 911 for himself, which I thank God he did because he might not be alive today if he hadn't," said Ken Blackmon, who added that after being shot, his brother ran back and barricaded himself inside the house to save his own life.

The events of what transpired the night of January 6 were debated inside the Minnie and Lovie Ward recreation center.

Police recalled the night with partial accounts coming from body camera video, which has not been released to the public. Police arrived to the 500 block of Capitol Avenue at 3:30 in the morning.

After a neighbor called police to say another neighbor, Sean Moore, was violating a restraining order by banging on the interior walls of the home.

Commander Greg McEachern told the packed hall in part, "Profanities were exchanged, at the time Mr. Moore opened the door he was not answering the questions that police were asking. It's all on video"

When police arrived on scene, a struggle ensued and Sean Moore was shot twice once in the chest and another in the thigh.

The Moore family lawyer said Sean had mental issues and was bipolar and schizophrenic.

"Police were well aware of Moore’s condition and let it escalate and engaged him without waiting for backup," said attorney Brian Perlman.

Meanwhile, Moore's mother Cleo Moore asked the panel of police why the family wasn't allowed to help deescalate the situation.

She pleaded, "Why couldn't they let us get him back into the house so we could get him to San Francisco General to get help instead they gave us misinformation".

The town hall meeting at time turned into a shouting match with some in the audience saying police should have not engaged but instead should have stood back and waited for back up.

Acting Police Chief Toney Chaplin responded saying, "We are not perfect and the department will take incidents like this and learn from them so in the future this doesn't happen."

Police on Friday night released the name of the officer involved as Kenneth Cha. 

The body-cam video won't be released for some time as the investigation continues. Police are also appealing for witnesses with video to come forward.

Sean Moore remains in critical condition at San Francisco General and is facing several felonies one listed charge is battery on a police officer causing bodily injury.

One of the officers involved in the confrontation suffered a head injury.

The SFPD recently made changes to its use of force policy.

When asked if Tasers should have been used, Sean's brother Ken Blackmon said "Tasers are not the answer not the solution they kill people too".