Family hopes police find gunman in I-680 road rage shooting

WALNUT CREEK, Calif . (KTVU) -- A local family shot at during a road rage incident is hoping police will find the gunman.  Their baby girl was in the car at the time and thankfully they’re unharmed.

It was around noon Thursday when this local father of two dropped off his son at school.
He was on southbound 680 near Treat Boulevard in Walnut Creek, driving behind a grey Dodge Charger.

“The car started to slow down so I didn't really do too much or pay too much attention until they hit his breaks,” said the father. “I honked my horn first and then went around it after that when I was driving on the side of it when we were like side by side the first shot went off.

The first shot shattered his driver side window.

“I hit the gas to try and speed up when I did accelerate they shot three more bullets in the back.

His 11-month-old daughter was in the back seat sleeping. Fearing she could be hit, he says he switched to the furthest lane, but he and his daughter were still a target.

“I heard three shots again when I was about to get off the freeway,” he said. “My daughter was in the car I had to get away. “

The bullet holes turned out to be from a BB gun. As a safety precaution he didn't want to show his face on camera. By sharing his story, he's hoping someone will recognize the drivers.

He says the grey Charger had tinted windows and a read decal on the rear window reading "RL".

“Now I'm more cautious driving period. It's a big wake up call for me,” he said.

CHP says this was an isolated incident not tied to the other freeway shootings. The driver of the Charger was described as a white female with brown hair. The passenger seen with the gun is said to be a Hispanic male.