FBI probe centers on Orinda home

ORINDA (KTVU) -- Federal investigators descended Wednesday on a home in Orinda although officials did not say what the FBI agents were searching for or confirm what a possible target for the investigation might be.

About 12 FBI agents were seen at the four-bedroom home on Moraga Way but they declined to speak to reporters as they conducted their probe. A source told KTVU that the investigation and search warrant executed at the residence Wednesday morning revolved around a cyber fraud case involving the theft of satellite television signals or intercepting TV signals.

Agents carried several boxes from the home and the boxes appeared to contain computer parts. No arrests were made and it is believed that a family of five, including two youngsters and their parents, live at the home.

 The source told KTVU that the search is part of an ongoing investigation initiated by another FBI office and investigators from the San Francisco office were assisting in the case.

Details about the probe were under seal in U.S. district court. Several of the agents wore jackets that had FBI Cyber Task Force printed on them. 

After the agents left the home, the residents were seen inside but they did not answer the door. When someone answered the phone number associated with the residence, the unidentified person said they were too busy to talk.  


KTVU reporter Henry Lee contributed to this report.