Fight over proposed Modesto 'Straight Pride' rally continues

Opponents of a "Straight Pride" rally that is scheduled to take place in Modesto late August are trying to get the event canceled. 

A city council meeting held Wednesday night was packed with people on both sides of the debate.

Organizers said the rally is to celebrate tradition gender roles, Christianity, and Western civilization.

But critics argue the event put on by the National Straight Pride Coalition will only spread a hateful anti-gay message. 

"When you invite terrorist hate groups to an event, and then the city stamps that approval, that's no longer protecting their first amendment. That's hate speech," said attorney Jessica Self. 

Mylinda Mason, one of the people spearheading the rally, said all the controversy surrounding the event has only hyped it up to be something that it's not. 

"Everyone is trying to sensationalize this event. It's gonna be much like a church service," she said.

Her estranged son, Matthew Mason, is gay and has spoken out against the rally, fearing that it's a platform to divide and incite violence. 

"This isn't 'straight pride.' This is hate pride," Matthew Mason, 28, told Sacramento affiliate Fox 40.

He added, "This is the woman who raised me actively working against my rights as a human being, who I am as a person."

The event is set for Aug. 24 in Graceada Park.