Fire starts at Uber office in Daly City, police arrest arson suspect

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Firefighters battled a fire outside of an Uber greenlight hub office building in Daly City late Sunday night, which police say is being investigated as an arson.

Police on Monday said they arrested 26-year-old Casey Long on suspicion of arson. In a press release, police said that nothing suggests that Uber was specifically targeted.

The San Mateo County Fire Department said at about 10:40 p.m., firefighters went to a structure fire at 950 John Daly Boulevard in Daly City.

An eyewitness, who wants to stay anonymous, said he saw someone by the building right before the fire.

The person “put something down and ran away, and a few seconds late,r flames started to go up in the air and got bigger and bigger and Ii called 911. By the time they got here, it died on its own basically."

A police sergeant confirmed to KTVU that the fire is being investigated as an arson.

A greenlight hub is a spot where drivers can come and learn about the app – get their car inspected and activate their account. 

In an email, Uber representatives said staff weren't on site at the time of the incident, no one was injured, and there was no major damage to the building. Uber responded that it's under investigation whether or not Long is a current or former employee.