"F**K Trump" driver weighing civil rights lawsuit against Fort Bend Sheriff

The owner of the truck with the controversial "F__k Trump" sticker said she's weighing a civil rights lawsuit against Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls. Karen Fonseca and her family say they aren't backing down.  Fonseca appeared at a press conference outside the Fort Bend County Justice Center Monday morning "regarding the injustice against" her by Nehls.

"Everyone's voice should be heard, " said Fonseca. Fonseca is the mother of 12 children and encouraged others to stand up for their rights during the press conference. One of Fonseca's daughters also appeared at the conference, saying "That's my hero right there. She's everything."

Texas Lawmaker Ron Reynolds also joined the news conference and asked for an apology from Nehls for "making her family's life a nightmare."  Fonseca also added a new sticker to her truck that says "F**K Troy Nehls and F**K you for voting for him." She initially had placed a bumper sticker, "F**K Trump and F**K you for voting for him." 

After the press conference, Nehls released a statement of his own on Monday.