Former Contra Costa County Sheriff's Dept. volunteer arraigned on illegal gun charges

A former volunteer with the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department was arraigned on illegal gun possession charges officials with the Contra Costa County district attorney's office says. 

Michael King, 54, of Clayton, faces two felony counts for possession of assault weapons and one felony count for manufacturing or assembling an unregistered firearm. 

King was under investigation for possessing illegal firearms. In January, the D.A.'s office, along with state and federal authorities seized 132 guns from King's home after serving him with a search warrant. At that time, equipment was found on his property that is used to manufacture unregistered firearms, also known as ghost guns.

Ghost guns are untraceable and do not have serial numbers as required by California law, District Attorney Diana Becton's office said. 

King's next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 29.