Formerly abused dog now works as bomb-detection K9 at Cal

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Meet 14-month-old Obi. He's a Springer Spaniel who was once abused but now has a new spring in his step as an explosive sniffing dog on UC Berkeley's campus. 

Canine Officer Obi works began working on campus in February alongside UCPD Officer Sal Lopez. The pair are together 24-7 since Obi lives at Officer Lopez's home. 

“He was treated very bad, abused physically, emotionally and deprived of food,” Lopez said, according to a post on UC Berkeley's website. 

Obi works to check for explosives before big Cal events including big football games or concerts. 

When Obi's not working he likes to spend time in his backyard at the Lopez home while spending time with Lopez's 1-year-old son.