Fun fact about floating home up for sale: Tom Hanks used to live there

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The floating home in Alameda has many nice features: It's been newly painted, a fresh carpet has been put in and of course, it's right on the water at the Oakland Estuary.

But what most people will talk about? Tom Hanks used to live there. 

"It's true," Hanks tweeted on Wednesday. Lived on this from '73-76. "Amos, Frances and me. Hanx." And he linked to a Patch article, which first reported the actor-floating home connection.

That would mean the young Hanks was 17 to 20 years old, likely a junior or senior at Skyline High School and then while he studied theater at Chabot College in Hayward, when he would wake up to the view of the water and Jack London Square.

Amos Mefford Hanks was his father, and Frances Wong was his dad's second wife. Hanks' character in the 1993 movie, Sleepless in Seattle, also lived on a floating home. 

Alain Pinel Realtor Angela McIntyre couldn't be more thrilled to have this selling point for the two-bedroom, two-story, 1,150-square-foot floating home, which she listed for $600,000. It's located at 2394 Mariner Square Drive. 

McIntyre herself lives in the 42-home community called the Barnhill Marina.

She wasn't there when the Hanks family lived in the marina, but a longtime neighbor remembers them.

The latest owners have since died, and McIntyre is hoping that someone new will appreciate not only the unique floating home, but the entire atmosphere of the neighborhood.

"Just being around the water, there's so much peace and quiet," she said. "The community is so close and active. It's a slice of paradise."

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED: There is an open house to see the floating home on Saturday and Sunday. To see the listing, click here.