Gaming community rallies around bullied disabled player

Communication is important in Counter-Strike and other team-based games, so Adam let his teammates know of his situation before a match started. He used the same preset message he’s always used:

“sup guys I got a lot of teeth removed due to a genetic disease so I can't speak that properly, I can still call but be nice.”

But upon talking he was instantly called names, muted, and eventually kicked out of the game. Not because he played poorly (he was the second best player on the team), but because he was different. 

During his livestream on Twitch, he was seen choking back the tears as he played through six rounds with the bullies before they officially gave him the boot.

A Twitch user posted the clips online to show how poorly Adam was treated. Soon, casual gamers and professional players who were incensed by the incident came to Adam’s aid.

According to Mashable, thousands of viewers tuned in to watch him play with the pros during a 15-hour stream, and donated over $6,000 to help pay for dentures and upcoming surgeries.

The bullets in a first person shooter may be virtual, but the bullying is real. Fortunately, gamers like Adam have an entire army looking out for them.


Watch the video to see the the Counter Strike community counter bullying.