Getting the message? Unique signs warn drivers to slow down

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It is a sign many will not miss as they drive through East Lake. Nearly a hundred people have these signs in their yards and surprisingly, the response on the neighborhoods community page is mostly positive.

The woman who came up with the sign said she was just fed up one night and ordered 100 of the signs. She paid for them all. She is giving them out for free hoping maybe the sign will get drivers to slow down.

“I had about a hundred signs yesterday, all but 18 have been picked up by neighbors all around so it's been wonderful,” said Ashley Derrick.

Derrick said recent events forced her to take drastic measures.

“We've had a lot of problems in our neighborhood along with a lot of other neighborhoods in Atlanta, certainly since the 85 incident happened. And we're just really tired of people speeding down our roads. We got one coming now, he's going to slow down because he sees these signs,” said Derrick.

She said if anything, people will slow down to read the signs. As for the response to the wording, she said it has not been bad.

“I knew I would probably get a few people, of course this again is slightly crass. I knew I'd get a few people who were a little upset by it but overall the message has been taken and received loud and clear and it's been received well,” said Derrick.

With all the attention the signs have gotten, Ashley decided now is a good time to push her other project.

“One of the things I wanted to do was start a go fund me to help raise money to some of the sidewalks in our neighborhood,” said Derrick.

And any donations received from the signs will go to improving the sidewalks. In the meantime, she has another order in for more signs. And she said a woman visiting Atlanta stopped by the house and grabbed a sign to take back with her to Oregon.