Gilroy only city in Santa Clara County where people can buy and use fireworks at home

Gilroy is the only city in Santa Clara County where people can still buy and use legal fireworks.  

One woman told KTVU she feels pretty lucky to still be able to use fireworks legally and other people say they focus on safety first and then they can enjoy the celebration.  

"Just use common sense. That’s really what it comes down to. Common sense. Keep your distance and don’t stand right next to it when someone’s lighting it," said Sophia Duran, a Gilroy resident.    

At the corner of Wren Ave and First Street, a steady stream of customers showed up at this TNT fireworks booth operated by Victory Outreach Ministry. The church group uses the proceeds from fireworks sales to support their work in the community.  

"So we have to ask everybody who comes to the window if we can see their ID and the ID has to say Gilroy resident. So if somebody comes to the window and they’re from San Jose or another city then we can’t sell to them," said Irene Herrera, from Victory Outreach Ministry.   

Gilroy resident Izayas Castillo says he buys a different set of fireworks each year to keep things exciting for his children. As Santa Clara County’s only city where people can use legal fireworks, he says it does come with responsibility. 

"I have kids and we just do it in the street. We have all the safety precautions, a water hose ready, just in case anything happens," said Izayas Castillo, who lives in Gilroy.     

"We do this every year, we usually have two boxes of fireworks every year, sometimes a little bit more, said Lauren Riewerts. 

Lauren Riewerts says the 4th of July is a time for bringing her family together and keeping water nearby when using fireworks is one of the best ways they stay prepared and safe.   

"We are using precautions with a bunch of buckets with water, to distinguish the fireworks," Reiwerts said.   

Riewerts also says they’re aware of just how dry it is in California and the last thing they want to do is start a fire in their own neighborhood. So, it’s a easy for them to use the fireworks as safely as possible.