Golden Gate Bridge suicide net on track for 2021 completion

Golden Gate Bridge officials said construction on a suicide barrier is moving along as scheduled.

The Suicide Deterrent System Net is being constructed in sections in Richmond. It will then be transported to the bridge for installation. 

Work has already begun on the bridge to install struts, which will hold up the net. Denis Mulligan, Golden Gate Bridge District General Manager, said about 10% of struts have been installed.  

“It's a very beautiful structure. It's a very scenic setting, but for whatever reason a lot of tragedy occurs the here,” Mulligan said. “Our goal is to stop the tragedy.”

A 300-foot-long mock up of the barrier was unveiled to reporters on Tuesday at a construction yard in Richmond. It will serve as a model for construction crews as they begin building the net, which is made of stainless steel. 

Mulligan said if people jump from the bridge onto the net they may be injured, but will survive. Injuries may include bruises, sprains, or broken bones. 

Sue Story of Roseville said seeing a part of the barrier in person is emotional. Her 28-year-old son, Jacob Story, committed suicide in 2010. 

“If my son had looked down and seen that net he would have probably sat down and cried,” Story said. 

An average of 31 people take their life every year at the Golden Gate Bridge. Roughly 1,700 people have committed suicide since the bridge opened in 1937.

The suicide net will be placed 20 feet below the sidewalk, extend 20 feet out from the bridge, and span 1.7 miles on each side of the bridge. The project is estimated to cost $211 million. Completion is set for January 2021.

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