Golden State Warriors fans stock up on merchandise

OAKLAND, Calif. (KTVU) – As the Warriors head to playoffs, Golden State fans across the nation are buying up what they can.

Abdul Hallem is pulling for a deep playoff run by the Golden State Warriors. "It's the Warriors life here in the Bay," said Hallem who was selling Warrior T-shirts at an East Oakland intersection on Thursday. "The longer they last, the more business we get."

Golden State starts its postseason push Saturday when it tips off against New Orleans. The Warriors Team Store says its business is booming, especially online.

"Now that we're in the playoffs we'll see an increase in sales every couple weeks as the team moves on and advances," said team store official Marty Yongue.

Yongue says his team pulls at least 200 online orders a day. The items are pulled from aisles and aisles of merchandise located in an unmarked Oakland warehouse. The hats and sweatshirts are packed, sealed and shipped.

The Golden State Warriors finished this season third in the league in team merchandise sales. The Chicago Bulls was the top team, and Cleveland was second.