Hikers found after going missing for 3 days in Tuolumne County

source: photo from Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office

Two hikers from Modesto, along with their dog, are glad to be back home Saturday, after getting lost for 3 days while on a backpacking trip in Tuolumne County.

Searchers had been looking for Mark Smallwood, 59, his friend, Donna Hallberg, 55, and his dog, LuLu, since they failed to return Tuesday.

Smallwood is an avid and experienced camper, who owns the Harvest Moon restaurant in downtown Modesto.

They hiked about 60 miles in rugged terrain, and ran out of food.

But fortunately, they encountered some campers, who gave them Gatorade, food, and let them use their cellphone.

Smallwood and Hallberg called relatives to let them know that they were in one of the ridges, in the Pinecrest wilderness area.

Searchers had scoured 117 square miles, looking for them.

Authorities who helped in the search, included agencies from Marin, Contra Costa, Monterey, El Dorado and Stanislaus Counties, and the National Guard and Forest Service.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office posted photographs of Smallwood and Hallberg, and LuLu.