Holiday tech gift ideas

OAKLAND (KTVU) - Only a few shopping days are left until Christmas is here. If you are still searching for trendy tech gifts, Frank Mallicoat was joined in studio with tech guru, Jennifer Jolly during Mornings On 2.

This is her list of holiday picks:

1. 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit: 
Last year, I gave a half dozen of these 23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit's to friends and family - and this year I'm doubling down and spreading the love again. Why? A small saliva sample unlocks an entire world of information - 90+ personalized reports on health, traits, and ancestry. This can range from interesting to downright life-changing (I have a crazy story to share...). Giving someone the gift of getting to know themselves like never before - guaranteed hit!
Price: $139 (Until December 25th)

2. Band 3 Pro and Band 3e smart fitness watches: 
These brand new fitness watches deliver the exact right amount of phone-free tracking, accountability, and affordability to anyone who wants to count steps or run a 10-k. They track sleep, heart rate and various types of exercise including walking, running, cycling, swimming and strength training. These are perfect for any of your friends or family who want to better their health, without getting too overly techy. And seriously, the price is right!
Price: Huawei Band 3 Pro is $70, the Band 3e is $30
3. GameStop/ThinkGeek: 
For everyone else on your list, especially the "unique" hard-to-buy-for types, GameStop and ThinkGeek are chock full of choices, from great deals on the latest gaming devices like the super popular Nintendo Switch which you can get with a $25 gift card between the now and the 22nd - to the quirky-awesome toys like this Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie (on sale right now for just under $50) or this Fallout 76 Pipboy 2000 ($100) or Fortnight Rainbow Smash Pickaxe ($50). 

One last tip here too: After the holidays when people trade in their older gear (now that they have all the new gear), they'll get cash back at the same level as credit. "Cash same as credit" only happens a couple times of year and a lot of people use the cash to get all the accessories to go with their new gear. 

6. Facebook Portal & Portal Plus
One of the most controversial new gadgets (because ... it's Facebook) is also the best video-calling machine ever invented - and a look at the way landlines should evolve to become useful again. You use it to talk through a screen to your Facebook family and friends. It has a 12-megapixel camera with high-definition video and artificial intelligence software; the camera follows you as move around. It really is amazing to share special kid-moments with your parents who live far away, or just to check-in on a child, parent, or special friend who you don't see as much as you want. I've even used it twice to ask my BFF in another state if my outfit looks okay. It's a must-see - even if you're too creeped-out by privacy concerns to buy it yourself!
Price: Portal $199, Portal Plus $349 (Both are $50 off on Amazon right now)

7. Lenovo's new Yoga C930
2-in-1 ultrabook stretches next-gen laptop design with a precision crafted hinge that incorporates a rotating Dolby Atmos soundbar, an optional 4K Dolby Vision HDR display panel, an active pen that stores and charges in its own perfect little nook inside the hinge, and a new TrueBlock privacy shutter for the web camera. It's a tablet when you want it, laptop when you need it, and full 4K HDR entertainment center when you crave it.
Price: Starts at $1,049

8. HiMirror Mini
Since this is the year of smart-everything's - toilets, microwaves, cat litter boxes- mirrors are reflecting the trend too (see what I did there...). This connected "smart" mirror uses an integrated camera to analyze your skin, track your skincare goals, and monitor the effect of beauty products you use. It takes a look at wrinkles, fine lines, your overall complexion, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores, and provides recommendations on how to improve the skin's condition. I know, that sounds horrifying, but it's really not. It's actually a sweet little smart mirror for tuning in to your skin's real needs. It also uses Amazon Alexa for hands-free functionality and lets you connect to Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.
Price: $119
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