Homeless encampment found on top of Phoenix car wash

FOX 10 Phoenix has discovered what appears to be a homeless encampment on the roof of a car wash, in the area of 19th avenue and Camelback.

From the ground, there is no sign of anything unusual going on on the roof, but video taken by SkyFOX Drone shows there is definitely something going on, on top of the car wash. A tent, a bicycle, and other things can be seen on the roof of Spot Free Car Wash.

Stefanie Rojeski can see the car wash roof, from her back yard.

"We've lived here for 11 years, and I would say a good five or six years, people have been living up there off and on," said Rojeski.

Rojeski said they have seen tents and people, and lights on the roof. She said the car wash, which is open 24/7, draws the homeless and drug activity. She said that is why an alley near her home is littered with garbage, including at least one needle.

The car wash's owner, Paul LaRue, said he checks on the car wash daily, and said no one lives there.

"I can assure anyone concerned: no body lives on the roof," said LaRue.

FOX 10's Linda Williams, however, confronted LaRue, saying drone footage exists, showing tents, debris, and other items on the roof.

"There's a lot of junk up there, and we should probably clean it up, but nobody's living up there. No way," said LaRue.

LaRue, who said he has owned the car wash for 20 years, also pushed back against complaints of drug activity.

"There's no drug activity. No noise," said LaRue. "You'd see outside, normal standard you'd see at any car wash operation"

Rojeski said they have called the police and the city about the activity at the car wash, but nothing has been done. The owner says he will move to clean up all of the trash on the roof of the building.

Rojeski, meanwhile, said she plans to sell and move to a safer area.