How to help pregnant San Francisco couple who lost everything in fire

A pregnant San Francisco couple lost everything in a fire is hoping that someone is willing to help them get back on their feet. 

"I don't know what to do and we have nowhere to go," says fire victim Luke Miller. 

The fire happened on October 7th, near the intersection of 22nd Avenue and Noriega Street in San Francisco's Sunset District.

Miller and his fiancée Rachel Baker had just moved into the place.  They say they were only inside for about 20 minutes when they smelled smoke from the apartment directly underneath them which was on fire.  "I just wanted my son to have everything and I worked really hard to get him the things that I wanted to get him," says Baker. 

The couple decided to start a GoFundMe account which has raised $9,000.  But as things started looking up they had another setback.  Their truck's motor blew three days after the fire and until Monday morning the Red Cross put them up in an apartment. But that voucher ran out. 

"We're hoping for a miracle.  We're hoping that there's someone out there that might have a one bedroom," says Miller. 

The couple is thankful for the money they've raised and the items they've been giving. But until they find an apartment, they have no place to put them.  Even still the two say the most important thing is the health of their unborn child and are grateful for the outpour of support for a little boy who's not even here. 

"So many people want to help him and give him things and do things for him and like I said he's not even here and he doesn't even know how this community loves him," says Baker. 

The couple has had offers from people allowing them to stay a night or two but nothing permanent.  They say every dime they raise will go towards renting a new place.  However, they need someone willing to say yes and accept their Section 8 voucher.  The fire is still under investigation.