Husband poses for hilarious mock maternity photos when wife is placed on bed rest before photo shoot

When Kelsey Brewer was unable to follow through with her maternity photo shoot after being placed on bed rest, her husband Jared secretly decided to take part in the magical moment himself.

Kiana Smither, a local photographer in Kentucky and Kelsey’s sister, posted the photos on her Instagram, explaining that Kelsey’s husband Jared had asked to surprise his wife and “brighten her mood completely,” with a hilarious mock maternity shoot showing Jared cradling his belly in a picturesque lake.

One photo shows Jared holding his stomach dramatically looking to the ground as he is soaked by a waterfall.

“When Kelsey got placed on bedrest the week of her maternity pictures she was really disappointed because she was looking forward to having those memories forever.. who wouldn’t be?” wrote Smither. “So when her husband texted me wanting to replace her and surprise her with the pictures how could I say no?!”

Smither also posted the photos on her Facebook page, where the shoot ended up going viral.

Kelsey approved of the photos too, posting them to her Facebook page, saying, “My husband has been a total rock through this whole process and even managed to get with my sister to take these AMAZING PHOTOS! That I will literally cherish for the rest of my life!!”