Impossible Foods: Making meat from plants

About six years ago Pat Brown created Impossible Foods to create healthy and affordable meat from plants using a fraction of the water, land and energy it takes to make traditional meat. 

The company is based in Redwood City and Impossible Foods held a ribbon cutting ceremony at its production facility in Oakland.

Several restaurants in San Francisco already serve the "meat." On Thursday more restaurants are coming on board including Public House at AT&T Park, KronnerBurger in Oakland along with a restaurant in Palo Alto. 

"Many of the best chefs in the world have decided this is a great addition to their menu. They've chosen to serve our burgers just because they love the taste but you know there's no point to describing food in words. I think you just have to try it for yourself. I think you'll love it," said Brown.

Watch an interview with Brown in the video player above.