Jenny Lin's parents cope with pain 30 years after girl's unsolved homicide

The search for justice in a decades-long homicide case continues. The family of Jenny Lin, the 14-year-old girl who was killed in her Castro Valley home nearly 30 years ago on May 27, 1994, gathered for a memorial service. 

Investigators say they are not giving up on this case. 

A musical tribute honored Jenny's memory. She was a talented young musician, whose life was cut short. Her parents say the wheels of justice have moved agonizingly slow and time has not healed their pain. 

"We've been living under the shadow of this horrible crime for 30 years," said John Lin, Jenny's father. 

Jenny was stabbed and killed inside her home two days after her birthday. Her parents said Jenny had gotten home from school and was alone. Her father discovered her body. 

"It still feels like it just happened yesterday. It's still so vivid. So fresh," John said. 

Each year the Lin's hold a candlelight walk after the celebration of life ceremony. They want to keep Jenny's memory alive and bring renewed attention to her unsolved murder. 

DNA technology has solved many cold cases and her parents hope it will help identify their daughter's killer and bring that person to justice. 

"We need closure. We need to give Jenny the promise that we gave her, which is to find justice for her," her mother Mei-Lian Lin said. 

Alameda County Sheriff Yesenia Sanchez came to support the family. She says Jenny's case is a priority. Sanchez said DNA has been uploaded to see if genetic genealogy will be able to help solve this case. She said other advances are also being used to help find answers. 

"We definitely have DNA that we can work with, but at this point in time we just don't have anything to match it with," Sanchez said. "Our investigators are in touch with people who are developing new processes as far as forensically and those efforts are ongoing." 

Jenny's parents said they will never give up hope for getting answers and justice for their daughter. 

"Sooner or later, we'll catch this guy," John said. 

"We're doing things that if Jenny were here, she would do," Mei-Lian said. "That's the strength that keeps us going." 


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