‘Jeopardy!' celebrates 54th anniversary of TV debut

The answer is: March 30 is the 54th anniversary of the debut of this beloved game show. The correct response: What is “Jeopardy!” In honor of its anniversary, here are some things you might not know about the show where the answers are questions:

  • When you hear “Jeopardy!” you probably think of Alex Trebek. But while Trebek has been the host since 1984, early versions of “Jeopardy!” were hosted by Art Fleming.
  • “Jeopardy!” doesn’t just have an iconic host, it was also created by an iconic host: media mogul and famous talk show host Merv Griffin. He wrote the famous theme song as well!
  • “Jeopardy!” is one of the brainiest game shows out there and it’s the only game show since 1960 to be honored with the prestigious Peabody Award.
  • Many countries have their own spinoff versions, including in places such as Azerbaijan, Germany, Russia and Sweden.
  • You probably know that Ken Jennings won a show-record 74 games in a row, but Jennings isn’t the show’s biggest money winner. That would be Brad Rutter, who won $3.5 million.

Congratulations to “Jeopardy!” on 54 years of trivia: we can’t wait to see what the answer is next.