Judge Persky fights recall effort as Brock Turner's release looms

The judge at the center of public outrage over his controversial sentencing in a Stanford sexual assault case has launched a website to fight the recall effort. Judge Aaron Persky's campaign comes as Brock Turner is set to be released from jail in three days.
A jail spokesman told KTVU Turner will not receive any special treatment when he's released Friday. However, the Sheriff's Office is anticipating media and protestors so it's evaluating its security needs for that day.
Turner served three months of his six month sentence in county jail. Back in March, the former Stanford swimmer was convicted for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman outside a fraternity party. His sentence was reduced by "automatically applied credits" essentially time served.
A Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office spokesman said Turner will be released like any other inmate, without any special accomodations likely between 5 a.m. and Noon, leaving via the jail's main entrance. Meantime, the judge who sentenced Turner is fighting to keep his job.
"I'm very disappointed and very saddened with what's happening to Judge Persky," said San Jose Defense Attorney Stefan Kennedy. "He is by far one of the most hardest working, most thoughtful, dedicated jurists we have in this county."
Kenned supports Persky and contributed money to the "Retain Judge Persky" campaign.
On a new web site, Judge Persky states, "I believe strongly in judicial independence. I took an oath to uphold the constitution, not to appease politicians or ideologues."
Kennedy calls the attacks against Persky unfair given Persky followed the probation department's recommendations.
"I don't think Judge Persky has an ideology," said Kennedy. "He doesn't come on the bench with an ideology one way or the other."
Michele Dauber, who is leading the recall effort against Persky, said she welcomes Persky's campaign but believes his record shows a longstanding pattern of judicial bias undermining faith in the judicial system.

"We are quite confident this judge is biased," said Dauber. "He has shown a pattern of bias and we believe this should go to the voters."

Court documents reveal Turner will be on probation for three years, must register as a sex offender and take part in a sex offender program.