Kanye West tells San Jose fans: "I would have voted for Trump"

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Kanye West is creating controversy again, this time with comments about the election to fans at a concert in San Jose Thursday night.

In middle of his ‘Saint Pablo Tour’ show at SAP center, the hip-hop artist went on several long rants about the election and president elect trump.

Some fans estimated that the artist spent well over an hour ranting and not performing.

West revealed that he didn’t vote in this election but said that if he had he would have voted for Donald Trump.

The reason he gave for his support was because of Trump’s campaigning style which he said was “absolutely genius because it ****ing worked.”

West also stated that black people needed to stop “being distracted” by racism and just accept that that the United Stated is a racist country.

The artist also reiterated a promise he made at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards that he would run for President in 2020.

West’s comments about Trump garnered lots of boo’s from the audience and several people threw shoes onto the stage.

Many  fans left the arena early angered with how much time West was spending talking about politics as opposed to performing his songs.

“I came to see a concert, I didn’t come to hear politics,” said David from San Jose.

“I love you, you’re and amazing man, but next time you’re going to rant, do it on your own time,” said another fan.

Others found it highly entertaining.

“He had a full hour where he didn’t play a song in it’s entirety, which was a little bit frustrating… Overall it was one of the more entertaining experiences I’ve been apart of.  It was awesome.”

Most fans didn’t mind Kanye talking about politics, but some felt like his message was not productive.

“I don’t think because he’s a music artist he shouldn’t have a point… but at least make sense, at least feed positivity,” said Roni of Palo Alto

“He was expressing himself and I respect that. “ said A.J. from Hayward.

Several  fans KTVU talked with last night came after having a great time at West’s Oakland show last month, but left disappointed.

“We got the whole convention and like five songs from Kanye… we didn’t get anything but a speech, save your money,” said another fan outside SAP center.