KTVU anchors share healthy habits in honor of National Women's Health week

In honor of National Women’s Health week, KTVU’s Gasia Mikaelian, Claudine Wong and Allie Rasmus share the simple "health hacks" that keep them feeling strong and healthy. Remember, even small changes can make a huge difference!

Gasia Mikaelian

I love air-popped popcorn with just a touch of butter and lots of Crystal hot sauce – a great afternoon snack… I am also using a lot less meat in my cooking and "filling in" with vegetables: I made a sausage ragu yesterday with half the amount of sausage called for and a lot more onions/garlic/carrots/celery/tomatoes/spices… it was so flavorful no one realized my "cheat." I am trying to follow the advice to use meat as a condiment, instead of a main part of the meal. Healthier, better for the environment, less expensive… and just as delicious.

Claudine Wong

One of my favorite healthy hacks is to use fat free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.  I’m also big on egg whites for breakfast.  For exercise I love hilly hikes to clear the mind, I enjoy the views and it also make my dog Leo really happy.

Allie Rasmus

I have two simple tips I use to stay on the "healthy-track" (or at least try to).

1. DO SOMETHING - Have plans to run a mile and feel like you're just too exhausted? Do a half mile instead. Do a quarter mile. Was my initial goal to swim laps for 25 minutes? It was. But now I have to pick up my kids early from school. 10-15 minutes it better than zero minutes. Just do something. Something active is better than nothing at all.

2. GO HALFSIES - Really want that cookie or that piece of chocolate cake? Go ahead, eat it - but cut whatever portion you were going to have in half. Cut it in a quarter. It's better than eating the whole thing and you *sometimes* don't feel like you've deprived yourself.

Now, let's be real. Do I follow these rules religiously? No! I'm human. We all are. We're all doing our best to stay healthy, and after the year we've all had - phew! - getting through the day is a victory. Don't get overly stressed about being healthy - it defeats the purpose of being healthy! Too much cortisol - the stress hormone - is not healthy.