LAPD officers deliver Christmas baby in an apartment hallway

It was quite a Christmas afternoon for two LAPD officers. They responded to a report of a woman screaming in the hallway in downtown LA. They found a pregnant woman with her water had already broken. The LAPD sent out a tweet of the two officers, Clinton Popham has 20 years on the force, and Francisco Muro is a rookie and had never responded to a call like this. They knew they could not wait for the paramedics.


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In a news conference, Popham said, “Her water had broke already. There was a trail from her room to the hallway where she was standing. We asked her to lay down. She laid down and I could see she was about 3-4 centimeters dilated. One of the officers started timing her contractions and said she was having the baby.”

Muro said, “I made sure she was lying down and I held her left leg, calmed her down, grabbed her hand and advised her to push.”

Popham said, “She got down, lifted her legs up. My partner grabbed one leg, and another officer grabbed the other. She crowned, I got down with gloves on.  The head came out. It was facing down and she started contractions again. The baby’s head started to turn, and I told her she’s got to push now. If you don’t, something bad may happen to the baby. She did. She pushed real hard and the baby came straight out.”

Officer Clinton Popham said the baby was quiet first, but he tapped her and the baby started to cry. Neighbors brought a blanket to wrap mother and daughter before an ambulance took them.  

The LAPD says mother and baby are doing just fine.

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