Little boy's 'Up' birthday photoshoot with great-grandparents will melt your heart

Adventure is out there!

For one particular little boy, adventure came in the form of a magical birthday shoot.

Elijah Perman is a huge fan of the 2009 Disney movie Up, so much so, it’s the only thing he reads, draws and colors, and plays with! Rachel Perman, his mother, said when they went to Disney last year all he wanted was a toy from the movie but left very disappointed when none of the stores carried any.

“He was mad there was no house with balloons in Disney, it almost disappointed his whole vacation,” Rachel told FOX 5. 

Rachel is a part-time photographer and this year for his 5th birthday, she wanted to celebrate the things he loves with photos. And of course, the one thing he loves is Up! 

With help from his 90-year-old great grandparents, who played the roles of Carl and Ellie, Elijah donned a boy scout’s uniform similar to Russel’s and of course, there were many balloons. 

She posted images to Rachel Perman Photography Facebook page of the beautiful shoot. 

Elijah has a twin sister named Emilee and she too had a birthday photoshoot. Her theme was unicorns and it was as magical as you would expect it to be. 

Their mother got into photography 10 years ago because the family could not afford to have photos taken of their daughter, so Rachel decided to try it and she has been shooting since. 

“Photography allows me to do something creative but I never want it to take away from being a mom and wife.”