MAD MEN creator addresses harassment claims for the first time publicly

Mad Men producer Matthew Weiner is speaking out following allegations of sexual harassment.

The accusation could be a scene out of the 60's era show MAD MEN 
One week ago, former MAD MEN writer Kater Gordon told the website, The Information, the show's creator Matthew Weiner, sexually harassed her. 
She claims one night while working together 8 years ago, Weiner said she owed it to him to let her see her naked. 
Friday night at a panel promoting his new book at Chevalier's in Larchmont, Weiner addressed those claims for the first time, publicly:
"The allegation is not true. And this is a very important topic and it's a topic that's been an obsession of mine in my work and my life. And for like 92 hours of the show we wanted people to be having this conversation and it's great we're having this conversation," said Weiner. 
He was asked why Kater would have made the claim
"I don't want to speak to someone else's character. I will say this. I have hired dozens of women over the years and dozens of people and I am a demanding boss," said Weiner.
Another  woman who worked for Weiner, was former MAD MEN producer Marti Noxon. On Friday, she showed her support for Gordon, Tweeting, 
"I believe her. I was at work with her the day after what she described transpired. I remember clearly how shaken and subdued Kater was -- and continued to be from that day on. Responding to her statement, Matt claimed he would never make that kind of comment to a colleague. But anyone with an even cursory knowledge of the show Mad Men could imagine that very line coming from the mouth of Pete Campbell. Matt, Pete's creator, is many things. He is devilishly clever and witty, but he is also, in the words of one of his colleagues, an "emotional terrorist" who will badger, seduce and even tantrum in an attempt to get his needs met."
As for Kater, she says she tried to brush off the alleged comment. 
A year later, she won an Emmy with Weiner. Soon after, she says she was fired. 

Kater's Twitter now links to a website called Modern Alliance, a website that cites her as its founder. 

It cites its mission to eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace. 

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