Major SF roadway reopens near Moscone Center after water main break, flooding

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The San Francisco intersection near Moscone Center has reopened after a water main break flooded the streets.

However, crews will likely close it again later in the week for more repairs and paving work. 

The flooding closed the intersection for 26 hours and prompted concerns about a possible sinkhole.

San Francisco Public Utilities Personel say that the old cast iron main was put into place in 1895, so age was the likely factor for it failing.

The city is working to replace aging infrastructure throughout the city and is looking to replace about 11 miles of old water pipes each year. 

There is about 1,000 miles of water mains criss-crossing the city.

The water main break occurred at 4th and Howard street around 3:00a.m. Friday morning.

Water filled the streets and poured into the underground parking garage of Moscone Center until crews were able to shut off the flow.

However, the intersection sustained some damage to the road and crews say they have to dig it up to make repairs to the water main. 

Officials say that the pipe that broke is a 12-inch line originally installed in 1895, 121 years ago.

There's reports that part of Metreon sustained flooding damage and there's also concern about a possible sinkhole because of the amount of water that was lost.

4th & Howard is right next to Moscone Center and just a couple of blocks from the 5th and Mission parking garage which is one of the busiest parking garages in the city.

4th Street is a feeder road to get onto the freeway and Bay Bridge, so the closure has potential to majorly impact the evening commute as well.