Man can't remember much from being attacked in Castro; police investigating

San Francisco police are investigating a case where an assault victim is trying to piece together what happened to him.

Tommy Castellani says he can't remember much except waking up in the hospital with severe injuries after being attacked less than a week ago in the Castro.

Castellani was found by a bus stop near the busy intersection of Castro and Market.

Police say they'll be looking at surveillance video from nearby businesses as part of their investigation.

"I just remember waking up in the hospital and them telling me my jaw was fractured in a couple of places and my nose was broken," said Castellani.

He says he underwent surgery at SF General Hospital so doctors could put titanium plates into his broken jaw," My whole face was really swollen. My face was black and blue.

Now five days later, there are still bruises.

"I don't remember what happened. I remember singing karaoke and waking up in the hospital," said Castellani.

The 45-year-old says he does remember being at The Cafe, a popular club, on Market Street.

He suspects he may have gotten into a verbal confrontation with someone.

“I had three drinks. I have a big mouth. I was hoping it wasn't some gay bashing or some random attack in the Castro," said Castellani.
"It was a disturbing scene," said Antonio Stanley who had just gotten off work at a nearby bar. He says he found his friend Castellani lying on the sidewalk. 

Stanley says police officers at the scene told him it appears Castellani was beaten with his own bicycle helmet and that more than one person may have been involved.

"I don't care if there was so sort of confrontation between them. No one in the world deserves to get hurt and put into the hospital like that," said Stanley.

Police say 911 dispatch did receive several phone calls reporting a fight involving a group of people on Thursday, August 11, shortly before 2:30 a.m. as many of the area's bars and clubs were closing.

Police say investigators are still determining if the attack on Castellani was part of that incident and they're checking surveillance video.

"There are several businesses so we'll be looking at pulling that video to see if that incident was captured on video. We're also looking for witnesses," said San Francisco Police Captain Dan Perea.

Castellani says he's speaking out because he doesn't want whoever did this to him to do it to someone else.

"This is way over the top ...way over the top. You could have killed me," said Castellani.

He says nothing was taken from him so he doesn't think robbery was the motive.

Castellani says initially he thought his job as a security guard at a nearby bar may have been a factor in the attack. But, he says he can't recall any incident that would escalate into this violent attack.

He says he'll recover physically from this attack and he won't allow it to stop him from living his life.