Man dies in San Jose hit-and-run near YMCA; 17 traffic deaths so far in 2022

A 68-year-old man died at a hospital Wednesday night after a hit-and-run driver in San Jose collided with the man along South White Road near the intersection of Coldwater Drive.

Police say they received a call just before 4:30 p.m. and found the man with life-threatening injuries. Police posted an announcement on social media at 8:48 p.m. to say the man died of his injuries. On Thursday, the medical examiner identified him as Audelio Esquivel Tapia. He lived steps away from where he was killed. 

Officers closed off the northbound lanes of South White Road and placed evidence markers on the pavement.

People who live nearby say South White Road is dangerous with people frequently speeding and even drag-racing along the wide street.

"Supposed to be going 45 but people go more than 50, 60 (mph)," said Gabriel Montes who lives nearby.

"When they start off at this light, by the time they get here is 70- to 80-miles-an-hour," said Fred Anderson, whose house was next to the crash site. 

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Neighbors say another problem is there are not enough crosswalks.

"There are no crosswalks in here. And they don't want to go all the way to the light," said Anderson.

The collision happened near a YMCA where many families come and go and neighbors say there's a school and a park nearby too, but no easy way for people to cross the street.

According to San Jose police, this is the 17th traffic fatality in just the first two months of this year, and the 10th pedestrian killed in San Jose.

On South White Road alone, KTVU has responded to at least three other collisions since the start of 2022.

On Feb. 12, a man in a car died when it crashed into a tree on South White Road and Castleton Drive.

On Jan. 12, the driver of an SUV was speeding and hit a minivan near Almond Drive, killing the minivan's driver.

On Jan. 2, a man was hit by several vehicles while he was crossing South White Road at East Hills Drive where there was no crosswalk.

Neighbors say the city could do more to make the street safer by installing signs, crossing lights, or other measures.

"The one thing that they can do that would be beneficial to all of us is put those bumps in the street," said Anderson.

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